"Having operated the system developed by SBS, we have brought about a stepchange in our service levels."


"We are extremely impressed with the quality of SBS's work and ability to deliver projects on-time."


"Using the system developed by SBS, we are now confident customer service targets can be improved"

Development Technology Skills...

Web Development Company

Web Development Company

HTML development, ASP.Net development, MVC, AJAX development, Javascript development, Map APIs, Ext.js framework, CSS, web page caching, compression and optimization, JSON and XML serialization, Paypal and other billing platforms.  When it comes to web based solutions, we have over 15 years experience in the design, development and suppport of feature rich web applications for both small and arge blue-chip companies.

Software Application Design and Consultancy

Software Development Company

C# development, VB.Net development, Silverlight, WPF, MSMQ, Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Google Protocol Buffers, Codesmith, Unit Testing, Multi-threading, proprietory protocol handling, data synchronization solutions.  With over 25 years experience in the design and development of bespoke applications and solutions for a diverse range of businesses, we have a proven track record in delivering quality applications, on-time and to budget.

SQL Server Design and Development

Database Development

SQL Server devlopment, database driven applications and design, including tables, views, indexing, triggers, constraints, stored procedures, functions, CLR integration, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Code and documentation generation from database data and meta-data.

Bespoke Applications

Embedded Applications

C language software development on a variety of GPS tracking devices, supporting GPRS (TCP) and GSM (SMS) communications, along with data logging. Integration of exernal devices, including temperature and weight sensors, door switches, alarms, RFID readers, iButton devices, panic buttons and CANbus. Proven track record in the design and production of applications for custom handheld devices and mobile phones.

Map and GIS Products - Developed to meet your requirements.

GIS & Mapping Application Solutions

MapInfo Professional, Teleatlas Multinet data, Google Earth, familiarity with numerous data formats including SHP (shapefiles), KML, MID/MIF, NMEA device data, data conversion (including projection changes), SQL Server 2008 spatial data types, high volume data conversion and processing, Google Map tile production and specialised routing algorithms, development of geographic algorithms such as 'Great Circle Distance'.